Leather apron

A leather apron is perfect when standing behind a barbecue. It will not only complete the look of a grillmaster, but is also very handy. An apron made out of leather will protect you against the hot flames and fat splashes, so you won’t get burned. It will also protect your clothing against filth and food stains.

So an apron made out of leather is good for protecting your clothing and your skin, but it fits also perfectly around your body. The leather is still made by hand by experienced craftsmen. Thanks to the careful treatment of the leather the apron will fit perfectly around your body due to its flexibility.

Next to the flexibility of the leather, you can also customize the apron to your liking. The standard apron is equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple adjustable buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. You can opt for an extra pocket, so you can store your kitchen gear or herbs in or you van add a bottle holder where you can store your drink. This way you will never lose your drink while standing behind the grill at a family meeting!

If you really want to make the apron your own then you can even laser your name or your logo onto the apron. Awesome!

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