My 10 favorite ingredients in the kitchen

Today I’m sharing my 10 favorite ingredients in the kitchen. The ingredients that I often use, and actually always have at home, so that I can always make something delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Onion and garlic
Two ingredients that go together a lot, so I always have at least a bulb of garlic and many different types of onion such as red onion, shallots and spring onions at home to flavor dishes. Raw and finely chopped in a salad, or I leave them in a casserole to caramelize and serve them on the stew.

Legumes and lentils
Dried and canned, so I know for sure that I can always make something delicious. A lentil salad, chickpea curry (this one from Alison Roman ‘The Stew’ for example) or quick chili sin carne. Nutritious, tasty and filling.

There is always a lemon in my fruit bowl. A little juice in a glass of water, briefly in the grill pan for my super simple lemon paste or I use it to make pickled lemon for stews and couscous.

I love avocado – on bread, crackers or a quick guac to go with the chili. I prefer to eat it every day, but only when they are perfectly ripe. It remains a challenge.

Good olive oil
I use first-class and cold-pressed olive oil from Italy, and order it online from oLivery. Olive oil for endless baking, dressing and dipping. And when it’s gone, you can easily order a new refill on your doormat (just through the letterbox, so you don’t have to stay at home for it).

Fresh herbs
Basil, thyme, coriander, parsley, rosemary, mint, chives, and so on. I have a few plants on the balcony and a basil in the kitchen. Personally, I prefer to buy a plant than always a separate container. Plants are easy to maintain, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

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